Create Your Own Economy

We all live in our own environment. It’s where we live, socialize, do business, attend religious services, and shop. We’re in a bubble that bounces into and sometimes merges with other bubbles as we live our lives. You can create your own economy by finding and leveraging the bubbles of future clients and customers.

You must target those who may buy your product or service. It’s like being a private detective, researching someone you need to know more about so you can enter their bubble, be a part of their world directly or through your connections.

To get a sale you could try a direct approach. You may get lucky with a cold call or by introducing yourself at a networking event. But most of these “frontal assaults” fail, so investing time and energy in a more stealthy approach may work better. You won’t pop up out of nowhere, you’ll be connected by someone your future customer knows and trusts.

To create your own economy, you must find out…

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Depending on your business, you may have a few clients who make big purchases or many smaller ones with lower budgets. Who are they? Where are they? Is contacting them in person or through your connections the best route, or must you take another route because they’re too far away?

If there are many possible ideal clients nearby, how should you prioritize your sales efforts? You can focus on a big fish that may be more difficult to catch, but the rewards are bigger. Or, you could go after the smaller, easier-to-catch fish first.

Your track record of success and happy but smaller customers may make it easier to hook the big fish. Though they may not generate the same income, your more numerous customers may provide you with more connections, more possible partners, leading to more sales with more accounts (and maybe a big fish).

What Other Types of Businesses Interact With Your Ideal Client?

Imagine yourself in your ideal client’s bubble.

  • Who might have access to your ideal client?
  • What businesses is he or she working with?
  • Who are they buying from or selling to?
  • What relationships might this person or business have?

These businesses can have a connection on a personal level. They can be the person’s realtor, hairstylist, or landscaper. It could also be business-based, like a supplier, a contractor, an insurance broker, or a banker. Ideally, all these people should have your business card handy in case they want to connect you with someone.

Create Partnerships With Those Businesses

Connect with those connected to your ideal client. They may be people who have no need for your product or service, but they need connections too. You’re offering a relationship that doesn’t cost anything to them (they’re not paying you for anything, though they are using time and energy to promote your business) but offers potential rewards (benefits from your efforts making connections for them). They should, when the time is right, mention you to your ideal client or make an introduction.

These partnerships can be made in person or generated through LinkedIn (which is also an excellent place to research ideal clients and potential partners), content marketing including blogs, and instructional videos posted on your website and social media.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage your relationships, create your own economy, and grow your business, fill out my contact form and attend one of my online seminars. Let’s start the conversation about how we can help ourselves and others.

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