Meet Paul

Do you need a coach to help you grow your business?

Have you ever sat and thought, “Who makes money off of me?” Your mortgage broker, accountant, realtor, insurance agent. Have you ever wondered why they have never sent you a client prospect? How about we change that…

Hi, my name is Paul Conti and I created Coaching for CEOs to help business owners become rainmakers. Whether you work for yourself, a law firm, a larger financial company, or run a consulting business, I can help get you out of traditional networking practices and help you meet referral partners who want to contribute to the bottom line of your business. 

Small business owners work for themselves and usually play a significant hand in generating sales. My strategies also work for those in larger companies who must bring in clients. I know that traditional networking isn’t working. You’ve attended the weekly meeting, referred business to fellow members, exchanged cards, and eaten stale quiche all after wasting time driving to and from meetings. I know you want a better and easier way.  

I give you the opportunity to create your own economy with like-minded business owners who are ready, willing, and able to contribute to the bottom line of your business. Let me ask you this…do you have a group of people who make it their mission to send you leads? I have created a system and network of individuals who will help you efficiently and consistently grow your business. It starts with two training sessions per month and continues with as much energy as you have to connect with other members.

Gone are the days of business card exchanges and meeting up for coffee. My system demands you alter the way you run your networking and focus purely on building relationships that increase your bottom line.  

How do you get started? Book a call with me today to see if you and your business are a good fit for the Coaching for CEOs program.