FFF: Family, Faith, and Finance

We have only so much time and energy in our lives. We’re generally oblivious to the passing of time until there’s a holiday, an important date, or something traumatic happens. We can either float around on this river of time and go where the current takes us, or we can swim toward our destination. Part of that direction includes spending as much time as you can with the people who add the most to your life.

I try to interact as much as possible with people who contribute to my 3 Fs: family, faith, and finance. I try to spend my time with people who contribute to my life in some way. There are people you know who recharge your battery and those who drain it. The more charged up you are, the more energy you have for what’s essential in your life.

  1. Family

I’m blessed with a wonderful family. They keep me going and I hope I do the same for them. We all face challenges, but with strong family support, if you can’t change a situation at the very least you can make the most of it.

A major reason I’m in business is to support my family. I want them to have the resources for their needs and enough of the things they want to keep them happy. Money may not buy you a happy family, but it gives you options.

We all need balance in our lives. You can get a lot of satisfaction from a successful business, as well as a good income, but it’s not worth it if you have no time or energy for the people you love.

  1. Faith

Successful business owners have all kinds of faiths. There are people accomplishing amazing things from all parts of the globe of every faith, including those who don’t belong to an organized faith. I’m not here to convert you to one or another, just to try to open your eyes to the possibilities of faith.

I think we all need some kind of faith to make sense of this world. Increasingly Americans consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious. They find a way to work that into their lives that suits them. If your faith isn’t a God-based religion, maybe you have faith in your potential and that of others.

Whether we’re alive on Earth because of an unfathomable grand plan or sheer luck, we should be working toward creating a better place for everyone. I’d like to think that’s a faith we can all believe in.

I want to spend time with people who build my faith. You should too. It’s a harsh world, and despite all the millennia humans have been alive, it’s hard to find a good reason why bad things happen to good people. I want to make the most of my life, so I try to work with those who strengthen and broaden my faith because it helps me get through the day, to decide right and wrong, and make the most of my life.

  1. Finance

A successful business can be very gratifying, but it’s income that pays the bills and allows you to save for the future. I’m constantly trying to find the right people who, in some way, will help my business and my finances. You never know who you might meet or how they might contribute.

This doesn’t mean your life should be a quest for people to exploit (if it is, what kind of faith do you have?). But it should be about finding people who will help you and developing relationships in which you can return the favor.

You need to find new clients and customers, so keep your eyes and ears open to meeting those who can help you directly and indirectly through a board of directors. It’s the most effective and efficient way to grow your business while allowing you the opportunity to give back to others who help you.

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