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Helping You Find Success With Out of the Box Thinking

My name is Paul Conti. I’m a business coach and a business strategist and focusing now on the professional real estate agent.

I want to invite you to join me on Wednesday, November 16th at 12 PM EST for REALTOR PIVOT TO PROFIT coaching call.

This is not a FREE call to try to sell you into anything.  I am opening up the doors to my ongoing client calls so you can see and learn strategies that you HAVE NOT HEARD BEFORE – GUARANTEED!

On my coaching calls, we show you concepts and strategies that are going to help you make money in areas and with professionals you may not have traditionally made money with before.

A very easy example is to look in the rearview mirror. Let’s call it taking inventory. Where are your buyers and sellers traditionally coming from the sources of your business? Now I got a couple of questions for you. Are you closing business from bankruptcy attorneys? Why not? My agents are. I’ve got an agent that got 12 listings in less than six months.

What Is Performance Coaching?

  • Current State Where are you stuck? Paul is extremely skilled in breaking down the current state of mind, skills and areas of improvement. If something is holding you back, Paul will help you overcome the block preventing you from your desired success.

  • Identify Gaps You must identify your blindspots if you expect to move forward in your business.

  • Desired State Where do you want to go? What else is missing? With this step, Paul will assist you in gaining clarify on what is it that you’re seeking in order to progress forward right away.

  • Intervention and Action What can you do? What are you going to do? What are you implementing? It doesn’t make sense to identify the current state, where you want to go and the gaps if you’re not going to take action. With Paul’s Performance coaching, accountability will keep you on track to reaching your ultimate goals.

People with money manage their investments, and people without money, manage their expenses. Which one do you want to be?

Have you ever sat and thought, “Who makes money off of me?” Your mortgage broker, accountant, realtor, insurance agent.
Have you ever wondered why they have never sent you a client prospect?
How about we change that…

My Approach

Whether you work for yourself, a law firm, a larger financial company, or run a consulting business, I help get you out of traditional networking practices and help you meet referral partners who want to contribute to the bottom line of your business. Simply out.

I know that traditional networking isn’t working. You’ve attended the weekly meeting, referred business to fellow members, exchanged cards, and eaten stale quiche all after wasting time driving to and from meetings. I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

I give you the opportunity to create your own economy with like-minded business owners who are ready, willing, and able to contribute to the bottom line of your business. Let me ask you this…do you have a group of people who make it their mission to send you leads?
I have created a system and network of individuals who will help you efficiently and
consistently grow your business. It starts with two training sessions per month and
continues with as much energy as you have to connect with other members.

Gone are the days of business card exchanges and meeting up for coffee. My system demands you alter the way you run your networking and focus purely on building relationships that increase your bottom line. I created Coaching for CEOs like you to help business owners become rainmakers.

What Our Clients Say

I’ll Tell ya what… Paul sure motivates you and makes you feel like you can do anything! He’s such a doer! He gives immediate responses and is so helpful! I love his energy, creative ideas and willingness to help! He’s been blessing to add to my tool belt, my little hidden treasure, major ammunition to help get deals done and create deals! I’ve never worked with a “lender” like this before!


Paul and his team are absolutely incredible! He has closed loans for us in as little as two weeks! It’s not only the speed and efficiency that is impressive but his desire to truly help as many as he can. Paul is quick in reaching out to new clients for opportunities. The first time I met him I knew he was going to be a perfect fit. He said I will never ask for your business but will seek to earn it. Well, earn it he has. I won’t send anyone who needs to get a loan to anyone but Paul. Blessed for the pleasure of being business associates!

– Michael Ryan

Paul and I just did our first investor meeting call for the loan product he talks about. 2 of the 5 girls seem super interested and want to move forward. He did a great job explaining the product! I highly recommend sharing with your people because it puts you there and creates interest. I also created an Instagram reel about it so if you want you are more than welcome to share it if you don’t want to make your own.

– Lauren Rogers

Save your seat!

Gone are the days of business card exchanges and meeting up for coffee. My system demands you alter the way you run your networking and focus purely on building relationships that increase your bottom line.

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